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Zip Extractor is a decompression tool for smartphones such as iPhones

This is a Zip file decompression application that supports the MDM & MAM tool "Microsoft Intune" provided by Microsoft. It is compatible with both iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android.


When do you need Zip Extractor?

It is common in Japan to attach important materials to emails, compress them in Zip format when sending, and lock them before sending.
However, if it is a smartphone device managed by Microsoft Intune (MDM & MAM), the normal Zip decompression app cannot open the Zip file.

  • I can't open a Zip file on the go.
  • There are many times when you want to unzip the Zip file in a hurry and check it...
  • It's a hassle to unzip Zip files on your computer all the time...

Zip Extractor (MDM & MAM compatible zip decompression app) is the only application that allows you to decompress Zip files even on mobile devices managed by Microsoft Intune (MDM & MAM). (As of February 2019)


Zip Extroctor 操作方法

The operation method is simple and easy to use for business.


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